Once upon a time in Punjab- Khoon Aali Chithi

“Attwadi maa di garabh ton ni aunde– Pucchin kissi attwadi nu, ohdi ki narazgi hai?” (Terrorists don’t come from their mothers’ wombs– Try asking a terrorist why he is so angry?) — My Grandmother The corpse of a young boy lies in the unruly, wild grass. His once neat turban is lying at his killer’s feet. His hair is…

Mira Nair’s Kama Sutra is a work of art presented on the reel

The mesmerizing courtesan. The unhappy wife. The amoral husband. The reverent lover. Mira Nair weaves a story of ill-fated relationships in her brilliantly misnamed film ‘Kama Sutra- A Tale of Love.’ India has often been called the land of the Kama Sutra, a treatise on love, sex and relationships, written in Ancient India by Vatsyayana….

5 films You Must Watch If You Are A History Buff

Night and Fog : Alain Resnais(1956)- This bone-chilling documentary has a strange way of making the Holocaust come alive. There is a goldmine of detail in this exceptionally well made film. The background score guides the audience emotionally, while a strong but straight narration lends the magic of storytelling to this film. A must watch…

Night and Fog: A Film Review

There is a degree of romanticism attached to the past. Stories of eras gone by tend to gloss over the minute details that history must remember in order to be unbiased and accurate. With careful creativity, almost any event can be retold from another perspective. Very few events suffer from the unfortunate nudity of singularity….