The Woman and the Child

  Sometimes, the lines of age and gender hide who we are inside. Boxes suffocate our inner muse. And a child weeps in the silence of our lonesome everyday. Can a short rendezvous with childhood change how we exist in our minds? This series of portraits seeks to answer at least a part of that…

Glass Series

Glass. A tinkling, shimmering piece of light trapped in a frozen liquid. Glass. A color unto itself as it catches  the eye of the sunbeams. Glass. Fragile. Breakable. Like a human too blind to see Glass. Mysteriously simple, Like a chalice of wine. Glass. A shard separated from reality Trapped in the throes of oblivion…

Faces of Resistance: Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the sanctuary cities in America, where refugees have been welcome since 1970s, perhaps even earlier.  The last few weeks saw increasingly frustrated Americans take to the streets to protest President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. Currently,…

A Fall of Faultlines

Rainwater and fall leaves collected in a tiny depression in an uneven road:Mother Nature’s unintentional and cleansing effort at satire and symbolism (Syracuse, 2016)

Abandoned Childhood

An old baby pram and a garbage bag sit in the middle of the town square, telling stories which nobody hears. (Nainital, 2015)

Royal Stag

A male spotted deer grazes peacefully in the core area, indicating the lack of predators in the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve, India (Ramnagar, 2015)

Rural Charms

Cooking over a wood fire, using a stove made of mud and cow dung; Flavors of tradition cannot be matched by electric stoves and induction cookers (Ramnagar, 2015)

A Conversation sans Intent

A beggar stands with his hand outstretched for alms while a middle-class lady staggers under the weight of her shopping bags (New Delhi, 2015)

Snow and Senility

Viewing the snow-covered city of Brasov, Romania from the highest point of Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s castle. (Brasov, 2013)


A rag picker takes a break from his back-breaking work (New Delhi, 2015)

Everybody’s Throne

An empty chair sits at a street corner awaiting its next occupant. (New Delhi, 2015)