The Woman and the Child

  Sometimes, the lines of age and gender hide who we are inside. Boxes suffocate our inner muse. And a child weeps in the silence of our lonesome everyday. Can a short rendezvous with childhood change how we exist in our minds? This series of portraits seeks to answer at least a part of that…

Serene Rebellion

The resistance is not always blazing guns and shouted slogans. Sometimes, the sight of a woman’s unchained breasts is enough to bring patriarchy to its knees.

Reflections in Chardonnay

In different colors of the light, reflections change their hues. And reality once again gets repainted for the night.

Series Sanguini

Symbolism in life and death is an expression of the simplicity of blood– nothing more than a slave of our invisible life force.

Social Secrets

We live a million lives in every byte of our social accounts. And with each new post, the older ones die, taking with themselves moments from our real, non-virtual minutes, which are finite, unlike the cloud.

The Schizophrenic

Madness is nothing but the state of a mind unable to find its anchor. The schizophrenic simply sees more than she should.

India Behind Bars

There is no place for them, this side of the bars. And with them, the mother weeps in her humiliating captivity.

Glass Series

Glass. A tinkling, shimmering piece of light trapped in a frozen liquid. Glass. A color unto itself as it catches  the eye of the sunbeams. Glass. Fragile. Breakable. Like a human too blind to see Glass. Mysteriously simple, Like a chalice of wine. Glass. A shard separated from reality Trapped in the throes of oblivion…

Faces of Resistance: Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the sanctuary cities in America, where refugees have been welcome since 1970s, perhaps even earlier.  The last few weeks saw increasingly frustrated Americans take to the streets to protest President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. Currently,…