Choose Life

Choose Life…

Because there is a little more milk in the carton

The newspaper boy will arrive in the morning

There is a sale on brown rice at Wegmans

Blueberries are really good this season

And there’s a new Pizzeria in the neighborhood


Choose life…

Because the theatre’s playing Hamlet this month

Regal is offering free popcorn with every two tickets

There’s a new Star Trek parody on Netflix… again!

Enrique Iglesias and Shakira are touring your city

And there’s an evening of Jazz and blues at the pub


Choose life…

Because Friday is for the shabbat dinner

There’s cleaning to be done and cholent to be cooked

A new book of zemirot is yet to be sung from

New readings in the mailbox are waiting to be opened

And there’s a theology class at the shul after Kiddush


Choose life…

Because your folks are coming over this week

There is soup to be made and bread to go with it

Ice-cream will be served with Kahlua for dessert

The family book discussion will be led by your dad

And hopefully, you will have read at least half of it by then


Choose life…

Because the dog needs to be fed twice a day

The old chew-toys are too worn out to use

There’s an appointment at the vet’s at 4

The dog-sitter cannot make it at all next week

And your date is super-excited about seeing your pooch


Choose life…

Because there are joys hidden in the everyday

Happiness comes in bits and pieces like skittles

Sour lemon, tart green apple, and sweet watermelon

Never the same, never anticipated… but hoped for

And there’s always something… something to live for.


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