Against #MeToo- Rape Culture in 31 Tweets

My entire Facebook and Twitter feed is full of #metoo posts. Almost every woman on my friend list has been assaulted, harassed, or molested at some point in her life. Some of them wondered if their story was too “trivial” or “unimportant” to share. Some of them wondered yet again if what happened was indeed their fault. Some others chose to say #withyou instead of #metoo because they were simply not ready to disclose their story or the fact that they had been hurt.

And then, there came the responses.

Most were supportive, filled with empathy. But so many of them were insensitive, nasty, unbelieving, and downright offensive. So many tried to shift the discussion to men’s rights and fake cases and the things women do to invite the “wrong kind of attention.” A counter tag, #NotAllMen has been trending alongside the #Metoo. Unsurprisingly, most of these posters were political conservatives, religious conservatives, and surprise, surprise… Indian men.

Here are 31 tweets that are so repugnant, it is hard to believe they are real.

Tired of reading these toxic, heartbreaking tweets? Me too. But you get the picture, I assume.

Speak up. Get Angry. Heal.

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