Two Of Me

There are two of me that live inside our humble, little home.
The red me; bold and fiery, alive with every beat of our heart.
The white me; boring and broken, living because we must.
The red me wants to pack a lifetime in each breath we take.
The white me complains that even one life is too long.
The red me kisses every man like he is the one.
The white me closes our lips to even the thought of love.
The red me is too bold for our own good.
The white me’s cowardice is a trap of torturous routine.
The red me is selfish, sarcastic, and seductive.
The white me is serene, sober, and sorrowful.
The red me won’t let us find peace.
The white me is tired of the excitement we never wanted.
The red me wants to live forever.
The white me can’t wait to be six feet under.

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