The Woman and the Child


Sometimes, the lines of age and gender hide who we are inside. Boxes suffocate our inner muse. And a child weeps in the silence of our lonesome everyday. Can a short rendezvous with childhood change how we exist in our minds?

This series of portraits seeks to answer at least a part of that question.


The woman and the child
A young woman with a balloon– a mark of her camaraderie with her inner child.


Light plays tricks on youth– It hides maturity behind colors of the sunset


Blurring herself with her reality, she is one with nonbeing when she wishes to be


And sometimes, the child can lead you to freedom, the kind that adults can never know


And then, you will find yourself


Note: All photographs are the copyrighted property of Ankur Dang. 

Model: Carly Lindmeier






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