50 Things Harry Potter Taught Me

  1. We are defined more by our choices and than by our circumstances.
  2. There may be a fine line between goodness and greatness, but it is there.
  3. Anyone can be brave if they are fighting for something they believe in… or for someone they love more than life itself.
  4. You don’t mess with Minerva McGonagall. You simply don’t. Unless you are Severus Snape following Dumbledore’s orders.
  5. A mother will make any number of sacrifices for her child’s wellbeing; her life and her morals are only the first.
  6. It is easy to get lost in our desires and hence, that mirror must always remain covered.
  7. Sometimes, the loss of a Nimbus 2000 can lead you to a Firebolt.
  8. Incorrectly brewed potions result in disasters.
  9. Trust your best friend’s instincts, particularly in relation to spiders.
  10. Behind every Snape, is a Sev who lost his Lily.
  11. Everyone needs someone like Mrs. Weasley.
  12. Drinking parties with house elves are a bad idea. *Wink(y)*
  13. Never underestimate a sweet-voiced enemy. Remember Umbridge.
  14. The rise of a dictator will always be accompanied by the othering of certain people. Watch out for the people he singles out as “undesirables.”
  15. Don’t ask Hagrid for advice when trying to figure out which animal you want for a pet.
  16. But he is the best vet you can get AFTER you get the pet.
  17. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of thick, woolen socks.
  18. It is better to die as a free elf than as Malfoy’s slave.
  19. People change.
  20. And they deserve second chances.
  21. Don’t be quick to jump to conclusions; the act of Dumbledore’s killing was only the partial truth.
  22. As was Trelawney’s first prophecy.
  23. Stay the hell away from Cornish Pixies.
  24. And do not, I repeat, DO NOT let them loose in a classroom full of kids.
  25. Knowledge can come from any source but brilliance is never a proof of morality. Remember Barty Crouch Jr.
  26. Speak the name of your destination clearly when trying to use the Floo network. Or else….. !
  27. The promise of fame and glory is as dangerous as the threat of torment and suffering.
  28. Listen to the lonely kid sitting alone in the corner of the playground.
  29. And befriend him because no one else will.
  30. Words have the power to hurt, and to heal–but you have to mean them.
  31. Never challenge Ron to an eating competition.
  32. Do not accept sweets from George Weasley.
  33. Regular stitches don’t work on magical wounds, particularly those inflicted by dark magic.
  34. Dementors are like shadows. You can fight them with light.
  35. Do not believe everything that is written in the Newspaper– Factcheck everything yourself and follow Potterwatch.
  36. Books often dramatize and sensationalize facts in order to make them more marketable.
  37. There is a Nymphadora for every Lupin.
  38. Never trust a man who doesn’t have a nose.. or one who has bright orange hair!
  39. Keep a list of good plastic surgeons handy in case you plan to die and resurrect yourself with dark magic– You will need rhinoplasty or you’ll be stuck looking creepy FOREVER….. Unless a teenage kid kills you first.
  40. Don’t hold secret meetings for the resistance in shady-looking pubs.
  41. But make friends with the barman if you’re going to ignore the previous piece of advice.
  42. Conspiracy theorists are usually loco….. but not always.
  43. Don’t piss off Peeves…. or any jobless poltergeist who has nothing else to do except for being rude and playing practical jokes.
  44. But if you can get him on your side, 10 points to Gryffindor!
  45. Moaning Myrtle can see underwater… and she has seen numerous boys’ you-know-what.
  46. The loss of a sibling is hard. Don’t be ashamed to grieve.
  47. The cost of war is often borne by innocents. Remember Cedric Diggory.
  48. Don’t waste galleons on a copy of The Invisible Book of Invisibility. You will never find it.
  49. A normal rat can’t live for 12 years. If yours did, RUN THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!
  50. Every tyrant will meet his fall at the hands of his victims. Always.
Battle of Hogwarts/Original Images: Warner Bros

It is May 2, 2017. On this day 19 years ago, the battle of Hogwarts was fought and won. On this day, Fred laughed in the face of death even as he took his last breath. On this day, Teddy became an orphan. On this day, Colin Creevey proved to the world that one doesn’t need to be a man in order to be brave. On this day, Neville made his parents’ legacy proud. On this day, Snape honored his love for Lily for the last time. On this day, the boy who lived taught us that we can be victorious against those who seek to subjugate and break us with fear.

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