50 Things I wish I could tell My 17-year-old Self

  1. You are not perfect and that is completely fine
  2. It is alright to not be good at everything you do
  3. Pay more attention to physics, because you will fall in love with it
  4. It is not super important to date someone
  5. Learn the art of bra shopping
  6. It won’t hurt you to learn how to make a perfect roti
  7. Take music lessons because you don’t want regrets in your life
  8. Tell dad that you love him
  9. Miss a couple of those hangout sessions with friends and come home early
  10. Sit down with grandpa and listen to his stories
  11. Do not scream at grandma for tiny reasons
  12. Your sister needs you and will appreciate it if you acknowledge her more often
  13. Stop taking those extra tuitions NOW
  14. Worry a little less about the board exam and the SATs
  15. If he loves you, he won’t ask you for a nude picture
  16. If he respects you, he will respect your ‘No’
  17. Don’t starve yourself
  18. Don’t overeat out of stress
  19. Don’t make yourself throw up
  20. Listen to a little more music
  21. Start blogging NOW
  22. It is not a bad idea to go grocery shopping with the adults and learn how it is done
  23. Learn how to wear eyeliner perfectly
  24. Figure out which shade of red looks best on your lips
  25. Love your home for its familiar warmth and the people who live in it with you
  26. Learn how to use an oven for baking, roasting, grilling, and broiling
  27. Dance a little bit every day to a different Bollywood tune
  28. Learn to look at yourself in the mirror without counting the number of zits on your face
  29. Read the newspaper carefully and ask questions like an adult, but don’t forget to do the crossword puzzle inside
  30. Journal significant events in a diary
  31. Volunteer regularly at a local charity, preferably one that works for children
  32. Start saving a little bit of the money you get from the adults
  33. Contribute a tiny part of those savings to a cause you care about
  34. Read a little bit of philosophy every other day; start with Plato
  35. Learn about Feminism and apply it to your everyday life
  36. Survey the market and find out which skin care products you need
  37. Learn how to tie a sari properly
  38. It won’t hurt you to learn how to walk in a pair of heels
  39. Feel free to trade in the heels for a pair of flats even in the middle of a fancy party
  40. Learn how to cut fruits and vegetables without making a mess
  41. Familiarize yourself with the electric circuitry in the meter box next to the apartment
  42. Bring home a dog; the family WILL grow to love him
  43. It is alright to miss mom every now and then
  44. Call up your aunt once in a while and talk about the things you cannot share with anyone else
  45. Listen to people when they need to be heard
  46. Take the time to ask the names of everyone you come into contact with
  47. Hold doors open for people even if it takes an extra second of your time
  48. Don’t argue with elderly people about concepts that are confusing even to young people
  49. Respect everyone’s opinion even if you don’t agree with it
  50. Tell yourself that you can always strive to be a better person


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