The Monster in the Room- A Liberated Woman

Her cleavage was visible through her sheer nightwear. And like a woman uncaring about her modesty, she came out in her skimpy attire, unaware that she was being such a tease. You are overcome by a rush of desire, and something is tightening uncomfortably in your pants. She knows what she wants. 

And it is not you.

A woman’s sexuality is terrifying. It makes politicians take away focus from issues of war and peace to trivialities of some woman’s choice to not have a child. It makes self-styled religious figures pass diktats against wearing jeans and skirts. It makes a man feel important when he is able to overpower her and rape her till she bleeds.

A woman’s sexuality is so scary that an entire group of men is needed to subdue her, be it President Trump’s white, male cabinet or be it the khap panchayats from India. Be it the Taliban whose mission was to beat women for showing their ankles, or be it people like Brock Turner, for whom even an unconscious woman is asking for it.

It is hard for someone to understand that a woman is the same as a man in her desires, but that she isn’t driven solely by them. Is it our fault that we don’t have that particular manufacturing defect? Blame evolution if you have to. We didn’t ask for the ability to give birth to you. But it is a fact of life, and you’d better be grateful for it.

The Central Board of Film Certification recently refused to allow the release of a film called ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ because it was too “Lady Oriented.” You figure out what that even means. According to this body (colloquially called the ‘Censor Board’), the film has scenes depicting “their fantasy above life” and hence cannot to released.

Censor Board’s Justification for banning ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’/Image Source: India News
Well, that solves it then. Indian women are so cultured that they don’t have sex. So all of us are born out of immaculate conception. Congrats ladies, we just graduated to being the mothers of God. Let us all change our middle name to “Mary” or “Kunti”. Let us not forget, India has its own version of the pure woman who bore kids from not one, but four different gods, without ever having their penises anywhere near her vagina. More proof for Sanghi idiots that we are so superior to the west and to Christianity. Our brand of lies is more ridiculous than theirs (In Trump era, that is an achievement!).

But I digress. I could rant about this for hours, and I would have if I did not have something so much more important to say to you.

It is women’s history month. And while we shall talk about the women who have made a difference to the world through our history, it is equally essential that we discuss how we need to keep the fight on. They will call us sluts, whores, bitches….. but that is the best they can do. Yes, they can come after us to hurt us. To prove that they aren’t impotent. But they cannot break us.

And to become our own armor, we need to embrace ourselves, sisters. All of ourselves; every curve, scar, and extra pound. We need to own our sexual desires, and the fact that the body parts that have doomed us to domestic slavery for millennia, are nothing but body parts.

We need to be us. And we need to be unapologetic about it.


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  1. hukum singh says:

    Ankur, I fully agreed with your comments about women. But exceptions is already their. Many women have fulfilled their own desires.


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