If life was a piece of homework

If life was a piece of homework,

My first attempt would get me a B.

My teacher would call me to her desk,

And show me the smart kids’ grades,

And ask me, “will you do better next time?”

And I’d bob my head, in an earnest ‘yes’.


If life was a piece of homework,

I would turn in my notebook on time.

I’d label the outside well,

And write only within the margins inside.

I’d try and score an A, and be at the top of my class,

Then the good kids would ask me to join them for lunch.


If life was a piece of homework,

I’d not hesitate to ask for help.

I’d raise my hand in class and

request the teacher to explain again,

Not worried I’d be seen as dumb.

And then I’d teach the other kids,

Who’d been too shy to ask even afterwards.


If life was a piece of homework,

I’d be the most diligent student ever.

I’d learn from my incorrect answers,

And study harder than before.

I’d be sure to do it better this time,

Because that’s what classrooms are for.


If life was a piece of homework,

I’d redo it until I got it right.

My equation would be balanced to the last unknown,

And I’d not be called to the desk again.

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  1. Sunny Lanning says:

    No teacher should compare a student to anyone else. Hell, no adult should do so.

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    1. Ankur Dang says:

      They shouldn’t. But unfortunately, they do. And it happens to us again and again. Life pits us against others (and ourselves) all the time. And sometimes it is in the form of a useless Buzzfeed quiz. At other times, it happens when we lose in love. We are never as pretty, as successful, as loved…as that other person. And they are looking at someone else.

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      1. Sunny Lanning says:

        We cannot control what other people do or think. Often there is someone in control of us–a parent, a boss, a teacher. But we do have our own power, to trust in ourselves, to believe in ourselves above and beyond what other people say or think. You are always good enough, even if you are trying to improve to be even better. And you are always beautiful. Someday, the right person will see it. Until then, believe in it and love yourself, because you are worthy just as you are.

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      2. Ankur Dang says:

        Your words are inspiring. And what you say is true. But that is the gift and the curse of hindsight. In a particular situation or a state of mind, an individual is unable to think like that. And when it is too late, they remember that they mean something too. Often times that realization takes its own sweet time to come. But with it comes the wisdom you have voiced out in your comment.

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