Glass Series

Glass. A tinkling, shimmering

piece of light trapped in a frozen liquid.

Glass. A color unto itself as it catches

 the eye of the sunbeams.

Glass. Fragile. Breakable.

Like a human too blind to see

Glass. Mysteriously simple,

Like a chalice of wine.

Glass. A shard separated from reality

Trapped in the throes of oblivion

Glass. High on being an illusion

Of mocking immortality.


just plasma
Just Plasma: Empty shots draw no blood
Creeping buzz
Creeping Buzz: Intoxication is physiological. It comes in stages
Psychedelic: Bright spots are not always real. Just like the rainbow is an illusion of white light, shades of high are an illusion of a pinch of white powder
City Lights
City Lights: Lights behind the haze hold the pulse of the city. And the city has its own demons
Being one
Being One: Isolation and solitude aren’t far away from each other. It is a matter of a milligram
Bladder Issues
Bladder Issues: How do you not lose control? Feeling good comes with its problems
Stranded: In the middle of a mess, a sea of raging emotions which you won’t express come morning
Another night to party
Another Night to Party: After another day of pain, blurred images, and broken half-hearted promises

Inspiration comes in strange ways and in the places one least expects it. This series is entirely dedicated to my friend, Brittney Nelson also known by her pseudonym, MissBAMF. Her stories are about the darkness that we harbor within us and shadows we shield ourselves from. Her writing has a touch of warmth in places where light often cannot reach. And through the suffering of her characters, her readers (myself included) find courage and liberation from our own demons. Find her work here 

Note: All Images are the copyrighted property of Ankur Dang©


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