Faces of Resistance: Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the sanctuary cities in America, where refugees have been welcome since 1970s, perhaps even earlier.  The last few weeks saw increasingly frustrated Americans take to the streets to protest President Trump’s executive order banning refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. Currently, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia are facing war and civil breakdown, as a result of which millions of people have been forced to run for their lives. Two days ago, federal judge James Robart halted the ban, providing much relief to stranded travelers and tired refugees. Syracuse, in its bid to stand by the city’s historically welcoming philosophy, saw a large number of citizens come out in support of refugees and immigrants. This protest took place on the 29th of January and exactly a week later, the labors of solidarity have borne fruit.


You don’t need to be grown up to be sensitive
Even children know that fear cannot be ruling emotion in any society
Mohamed Khater, the president of the Islamic Society of Central New York, addresses the people in a powerful speech about being Americans united by morality
The only walls that are justified are those erected in Minecraft
Parallels in Time
Khadija Abdulkadir, a Somali woman now studying at Syracuse University. She works to improve refugee women’s lives easier as they adjust to America.
Stephani Miner, the mayor of Syracuse stands with the people
You need to be on this side, Melania !
When whole families come out to protest, you know this affects our present and our future
And we must scream. We must make some noise. And we will be heard.
Because they are people like us, and my bestie came here as a refugee
So we must put our art skills to good use and write something meaningful
Like this reminder. The year is not 1939, this isn’t Germany and Hitler is not our leader
Our children can climb higher when they need to
Or speak from the ground
As for us adults, we have no time for this foolishness called hate
It doesn’t cost time or money to be nice. Listen to this boy. He’s giving you good advice.
And this baby, born in the middle of a vibrant revolution
where we hear each other out
And respond with our words and our voices
No matter how old we are
Racism will not be tolerated in Syracuse
Racism was never cool. and right now it is ugly as hell
Faces of Resistance at the Syracuse airport
The founding fathers knew it
Standing up for a better future for our children
And I know it, so my neighbor is welcome
There is no age to join the resistance
Because she will grow up to be a better person with diversity around her
Open and bold resistiance at Syracuse airport
So we need not mince our words
A message of kindness from a child
It is a simple request, not the end of the world.


Note: All photos are the copyrighted property of Ankur Dang©

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