Your Selective Outrage is Disturbing

So you are pro-life. The sight of a little baby makes you go ‘awwww.’ You dress your own toddler in pink booties and lacy frocks. You say ‘amen’ in church when the pastor prays for peace in the world. And then you don’t even bat an eyelid at pictures like this.

Aylan Kurdi, a 3-year-old Syrian boy washed ashore on a Turkish beach after a failed escape from Syria’s civil war/Image: Wikipedia

This is your compassion. And this is your righteous anger at the disregard for human life. Because refugee children are vermin to you.

You say President Trump’s executive orders banning Muslims and refugees are justified in the name of national security. I would be tempted to give you the benefit of doubt if you were also campaigning for a ban on guns. But those, you justify in the name of personal safety.

Your selective outrage it disturbing. The hypocrisy is bothersome. It is repulsive. It is toxic. And it is choking America by its conscience.

Do you want to know who is a refugee?

A refugee is a child that smiles, eats, makes a fuss about green vegetables, goes to school grudgingly, and loves his pet cat just as much as your child does. A refugee is a mother who is about to send her baby to school for the first time and is anxious about his first day. A refugee is a teacher whose class did badly on a calculus test. A refugee is a doctor who is about to conduct an important procedure on a patient suffering from a bad case of appendicitis. A refugee is a grandmother knitting a warm sweater for her granddaughter’s fifth birthday.

And they are all knocking at America’s doors, begging the free world to give them refuge so that they may live to fight another day. Maybe the war will end, and they will be able to go back home to complete whatever they were doing when the first bullet was fired.


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