Feminism 101: For Meninists and Jerks

Hello everyone. Hello men’s rights activists, anti-abortion groups, conservative religious peoples, and patriarchal jerks.

Welcome to Feminism 101. Don’t worry. Just sit back and relax. I promise I don’t bite. I am not about to enter your mind or practice voodoo on you. Nor am I about to skin a fetus in front of your eyes. We are just going to have a regular come-to-Jesus talk. Yeah, that’s right. It’s all about praising the Lord and not being a hypocrite. There is but one commandment; Thou shalt not be a self-righteous, patriarchal scumbag.

Let us get straight into the lecture.

Woman. A human being with one heart, two lungs, one liver, two kidneys, one brain, one stomach, red blood, and 206 bones. Same as the man. Different only in terms of reproductive organs. Has a more sophisticated design than the man. Can carry babies in the womb for nine months. Really, that’s the only actual difference. And while slight variation occurs, with softer features and sometimes, curvier bodies, most of the visible differences come from the concept of gender.

Gender. The role that each individual belonging to a certain sex must play. Sex is a biological category. Gender is a social one. According to gender in patriarchal terms, the woman must wear makeup, have long hair and be pleasing to look at for the man. In westernized societies, she must be sexually appealing with revealing outfits and matching makeup. In conservative societies, she must be domesticated, submissive and sexually pleasing only to her husband. Man needn’t be pleasing to the woman. However, since the woman is subservient, the man must be strong, dominating, earning well, and capable of fathering many children with the woman.

Gender is artificial. It is not natural. It was not created by the laws of evolution. Therefore, gender has lies built into it. People will tell you that it is set in stone. But I can promise you that it is something that is taught to us. When a four-year-old girl is given a doll and a boy her age is given a toy truck, they are being conditioned into accepting the gender norms society has set for them. Similarly, if both children identify themselves with their parents, they learn acceptable gendered behavior from them. And there is nothing wrong with it, till you tell them that this is the final truth.

I am a woman and I am extremely comfortable in my gender. I accept my gender role with pride because I have been given the option to make a choice. I am not obligated to someday be a mother or a wife. Nor have I been taught that I need to look a certain way. I grew up as an androgynous adolescent and feasted my mind on sci-fi novels and games relating to military strategy. However, I have grown naturally into my maternal instinct and I look forward to having children once I’m ready for the responsibility.

Feminism is NOT:

  1. Misandry or hating men
  2. Superiority complex over being female
  3. Against sex
  4. Against femininity
  5. Against motherhood
  6. Against marriage
  7. Against families
  8. Against religious beliefs
  9. Against romance
  10. Against nature

Feminism IS:

  1. All about choice and equality.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Feminism is about allowing all individuals, of all sexes and genders to be who they are. It is about respecting them simply because are people, and not because they are someone’s wife or sister. It is about judging an individual’s capabilities on pure merit rather than what lies between their legs. And most importantly, it is about basic human decency. Treat the other individual with the same level of honor and regard that you want for yourself.

Is that really so difficult? I assure you that it is not. There is no such thing as a real man or a real woman. They are all real people and what gender they identify with or what roles they choose to play in society should not be your concern when it doesn’t affect you. And in most cases, a person’s personal choice will not affect anyone but themselves.

Be a decent person. And you will be a feminist automatically. When you say you are not a feminist, you are effectively saying that you really do not care about 3.5 billion of the world’s people. Does that leave you feeling like a decent person?



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