Bleeding Heart Liberal and Proud of it

Trump is President. And the beginning of an uncertain time is upon us. The election was divided and even as Trump took the oath yesterday, protestors gathered outside, dejected but not yet defeated.

I am a bleeding heart liberal and there is nothing else I would like to be, at least politically. It is all well and good to say that one must accept the outcomes of a democratic process. It is even okay to have a difference of opinion on political and economic matters. But not when the term ‘opinion’ is used to disguise racism, bigotry, and hatred.

Explain to me how can I politely respect your opinion, when said opinion says that it is okay for Syrian refugees to not find asylum in supposedly the most powerful country in the world. Tell me why I should respect your standpoint when it clearly states that you would happily watch the poor and the homeless die from lack of proper medical care. Enlighten me to why I must be open to your way of thinking when you are content with stripping me off the autonomy I must logically hold over my body as a woman and as a person. And I must ask you if this is the vision of the free world you want me to buy into, accept, bask in and propagate.

You are mistaken. These things are not differing opinions that need to be considered in a civilized society. These are things that make me judge you as an individual. They tell me the following things about you.

  1. You don’t care what happens to a child halfway across the world as long as your children are safe and cared for. You tell yourself that the brown-skinned Syrian kid is certainly not the same as your beautifully cared for daughter. Muslim children are simply reaping what their parents sowed. And while the death of these kids is regrettable, it is forgettable.
  2. The death of a fetus isn’t though. All life that you deem sacred is sacred. So while a Syrian child can go to hell, your neighbor should not have the right to abort a child she doesn’t want. Babies are a gift from God. However, Syrian children (and Somali, Kenyan, Pakistani, Burmese among others) were created in a factory. So while fetuses are sacred, actual children not valuable in your eyes are easy to overlook.
  3. You don’t want to know why black people are protesting. To you, Black Lives Matter is nothing but nuisance value. As far as you’re concerned, these guys need to protest peacefully. Quietly blocking traffic, singing songs, engaging in the spoken word are heinous acts of violence in your eyes.
  4. You believe that Islamic terrorism can only be dealt with through the final solution. Hitler much? But hey, you have a logic. Kill Muslims so there will be no Muslim terrorists. Wrong. While all religions have cultural peculiarities and rituals not always compatible with universal human rights, terrorism is mostly a political and economic issue that needs far more complex analysis than you are willing to do. If you were, I wouldn’t be saying these things to you. And you anyway have no right to talk about human rights.  It isn’t possible to worry about terrorists and let Syrians be killed by the ISIS at the same time. Pick what you believe in. And you can’t have both. Maybe in this new “American dream”, but not in the real world.
  5. You have zero respect for how the global economy functions. It is easy to whine and complain about all the jobs being shipped to China, India and the Philippines when you don’t know who to pin the blame at. Here’s revelation time. Large multinational corporations, most of them American, exist primarily to earn profit. Profit is maximized by minimizing costs (labor costs too). A large number of developing countries have currencies much weaker than the American dollar. These countries may be overpopulated. They may also have flexible or ineffective labor laws. Sometimes, they have corrupt governments too. American MNCs ship YOUR jobs out because these other countries provide them with cheap and humble labor that would work twice as hard as an American worker and at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, the white-collar jobs inside your country often go to immigrants because educated immigrants usually work harder at school and often have a first or even a second college degree from their home country. That makes them tough competitors and the only way to beat that is to raise your standards and to lower the cost of education for your own children so that more of your own people get the opportunity to go to college.
  6. Lastly, your unshakeable faith in privatization (which is what has you disgruntled about the whole job situation; but you need to read and research more on that. I know you won’t when you have all the knowledge in the world at your disposal through Facebook and its memes.) Capitalism and the spirit of enterprise is great. But not in matters pertaining to life and death. Why do your corporations get to price life-saving drugs at $700 a pill, when the same drug can be manufactured for as little as $13 by children in an Australian high school? Life is sacred to you, you say. You tell me, is it sacred only as long as it can be subservient to the demands of you wolfish economy that asks for either hard cash or ridiculously complex insurance mechanisms?

I am a bleeding heart liberal and today, there is a deep ache inside my circulatory system. Because in your rejoicing, I can hear the screams of the millions of unfortunate souls that will get crushed under your perfectly privileged middle-class indifference.

Featured Image: Bleeding Heart Liberal by Nancy Stahl 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. jonolan says:

    Poor baby, so full of the hate that you supposedly loath. Then, which is worse, those who supposedly hate the other or those, like you, who hate those who should be your own?


    1. Ankur Dang says:

      It is amazing how you interpret my anger as hate. This isn’t hatred, it is my concern, pain, and rage. Did I say that I hate anyone? No. All I said was that I am so appalled at a certain section of society. I don’t need to hate them to tell them that their moral compass is malfunctioning. And I’d be a terrible human if I didn’t speak the truth. I don’t need to sugarcoat it to make it more palatable to the people who blissfully propagate hatred and then point fingers at others. Refer to the point on Black Lives Matter for an example. I wish you peace, wisdom, and knowledge.


  2. Caroline Schultz says:

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