10 Dollars for Aleppo

What can 10 dollars buy? A McDonald’s burger and fries meal. A box of fruit and a cup of yogurt. Three bags of chips. A shirt from a thrift store. A couple of cans of soda. A few bars of candy. Numerous other small luxuries and necessities.

10 dollars is all you need to spare, provided all of us did so. If a hundred of us spared but one lunch’s worth of money, that would enough to buy 10 kilograms of wheat flour in East Aleppo. 30 dollars would provide bread to a family of five in Aleppo for a month. Don’t Believe me? Check out this report: World Food Program Report November 2016: Syria

Food Insecurity is one of those symptoms of war that often get lost in the deafening sounds of bombs and guns. Violent death and gory images of bloodied corpses overshadow those of people wasting away slowly as they desperately cling to another day.

A Syrian boy pushes a gas cylinder along a muddy road near his tent at Zaatari refugee camp in Mafraq, Jordan (February 2016/ Associated Press)

The above numbers probably don’t mean much without context. Think about it a little more closely. These numbers state that the hundreds of thousands of people trying to escape the war, are not only grappling with the threat of violence and death. They are also nursing illnesses caused by starvation and malnutrition. Parents are watching their children waste away even as we speak. Once healthy, rosy-cheeked babies are now little more than listless skeletons struggling to stay awake.

You can do something about the appalling scene described above. All it takes is 10 dollars.

Donate now. Save a life. ‘To Aleppo, With Love’

Read More: The Wretched of Aleppo


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