Battling Depression, You Can Do It

To everyone familiar with the Harry Potter series, dementors were probably more horrifying than Voldemort and his death eaters. J.K. Rowing said in an interview that she modeled the dementors after her own experiences with depression. In the books, dementors suck the happiness out of any space. They make the atmosphere go cold and they make you feel as if you’ll never be happy again. At their worst, they can suck out a person’s soul and damage them beyond repair. The only way to fight a dementor is by using a Patronus charm, which is only as powerful as the strength of the happy memory you used to generate it.

To battle your personal demons, you need to summon the memories that gladden your heart on your worst days.

Depression is one of those things that many people don’t understand. A number of people refuse to consider it as a disorder. And while not all depression is clinical, all of it is damaging and destructive.

There are ways to deal with it. And it is often about gathering the will to do one of the following things.

  1. Tell yourself that you are more than you think. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 5 things that you like about yourself.
  2. Talk to someone. In your worst moments, reach out to someone who you love. If you believe that nobody loves you, you need to trust me that it is a lie. There are people who love you and they want you to reach out to them.
  3. Create something. There is much joy in creativity. Write a poem, draw a picture, practice if you think you aren’t good at it. Nobody knew how to paint or sing or write on the day they were born. You can teach yourself anything and you have to start somewhere. Now is the time to do it.
  4. Read a piece of literature that makes you happy. It could be a poem, a favorite passage from a book, a quotation, a funny story or a series of jokes. It will allow you to distract yourself. If you don’t know where to read something, go to and read fanmade content based on movies or books that you love.
  5. Watch puppy videos on YouTube. Puppies are the perfect antidote for when you’re feeling down. Watch these little bundles of joy as they do the cutest, funniest things on camera.
  6. Get a pet. There is nothing more therapeutic than a pet animal. Be it as simple as goldfish or as personal as a dog or a cat, pets make for great companions. And caring for them will remind you each day that you are responsible for someone and they love you even if you think no one else does (That’s a lie. There are always people who love you).
  7. Join a Community Choir. You may be a talented bathroom singer. You may be tone deaf. It doesn’t matter. Community choirs exist everywhere and they welcome everyone. They will audition you just to know your vocal range (everyone has one. EVERYONE.) and place you in a section of the choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass). And once you start attending regular practice, which would culminate into performances at community events, you will find yourself getting better. Each week’s practice will fill you with joy. Try it. You won’t regret it.
  8. Cook a meal. Don’t order takeout. There’s so much joy and accomplishment to be found in making a meal yourself. Dig out an old recipe book or call up your aunt/mother/friend to get the recipe for your favorite mushroom ravioli. Make it from a scratch and take a picture of your artfully plated meal. Celebrate your homecooked meal. Celebrate yourself and revel in simple things. Happiness doesn’t come in a large chunk at the end of a journey. It comes in little, bite-sized pieces of the everyday.
  9. Call up your parents or a friend and tell them you love them. I won’t elaborate upon this. But this is such a powerful thing to do. Whether you talk to them every now and then or you’ve not spoken to them in ages, I can guarantee you that this little phone call will cheer you up and brighten up your day.
  10. Workout. I’m the laziest ass on the planet and so not into exercise, but some good, old-fashioned physical labor is a great way to lift up your spirits. Take a walk in the park or put on some fast music and dance like no one’s watching you. Or hit the gym if that’s your thing. But get up. Go out. Hike, dribble a basketball. Do something. Burn off all that sad energy. The world is alive. Be glad that you are in it and a part of its liveliness.

Leave me a message through the Contact Me page if you need someone to listen to you. I won’t judge you, because whoever you are, you deserve to be okay.

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