Red for the “Plain Jane”

‘Tomboy’, ‘Studious’, ‘Androgynous’, ‘Uncaring’, ‘Manly’ and a host of other such adjectives are used to describe women like me. Not for any other reason, but because we can’t be bothered with wearing makeup every day. For some of us, makeup is something we wear maybe thrice in a year. For the rest of us, it is something we see as extra work on those lazy, crazy mornings when we need to get to work but we don’t even want to change out of our shorts.

And then, on one fateful day, the world looks at us like we’ve grown an extra head. Any guesses?


It is the day we decide to wear the sinful, forbidden, awe-inspiring and very womanly red lipstick. There is a red for everyone, even for us, ‘androgynous’ ones and we love it, because when you have red lipstick, you don’t need much more to look drop-dead gorgeous.

And red is empowering. To the seasoned makeup wearer, it is just another color. To a number of people, red is improper, unladylike, even slutty or whorish. But let’s face it, color has little to do with sexual behavior and more to do with how one feels embracing those connotations, simply because they love how red makes them feel.

And make no mistake, if red liberates sexually, so be it.  We’ve had too many of us hiding away, for being unwanted, undesirable or grateful for any streetside Romeo who thinks we are easy because we are not ‘sirens.’

However,I digress and must return to the topic at hand. This is for all you manly ones, who don’t see makeup as a part of your identity. Flaunt your red when you choose to, and let no one say, “Wait, this isn’t you.”

Before I sign off, I want to say one thing. This article is not about makeup in particular or women in general, it is about not having to pick sides in womanhood. It is about being allowed to cherry pick what you want and when you want. There is no typology of women and it is time for the world to get over it.file-2

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