A Day In Time

There will be a day when you will bring white flowers to my bedside and reassure me that I will recover.

There will be a day when you will come with a somber expression to my home, to look at me one last time.

There will be a day when you will silently weep over all the fights we ever had.

There will be a day when something as usual as ice cream would make you smile cause it would remind you of me.

There will be a day when you will visit my folks and tell them that you miss me too.

There will be a day when you will think about and agonize over all the things you wanted to say to me, but couldn’t.

The ‘you’ in the above, could easily be ‘I’. But you probably know why it isn’t. I cannot bear it. I cannot bear any of this, especially the last one. And so, let me say this to you while I have the chance. I love you. I may not call you for years, but know that I think of you every minute. I may seem to ignore you. Please know that I probably am shy of re-kindling things, so you must do it. Doubt me for everything that I am but don’t ever doubt my honesty and friendship, my love and my commitment. There will be a day after you and after me. But there will also be a day when I will see you again. It will happen. Because I know you, and I will find you no matter what it takes. The rigors of life and the helplessness of death will put a comma between us, but never a full stop. Yet, the years to come are very important to me. I am very human, with all my flaws and fractures you see. Forgive me for the hateful, hurtful things I’ve said to you. Also let me apologize for the times I made you feel ignored or neglected. And allow me to hug you once more please. I need your warmth, I need its safety and surety. Lifetimes are short but life is eternal. I do not worry about the amount of time I will have with you. I do however worry about its continuity. Will you believe me when I say that you are never more than a breath below my consciousness ? Will you believe that you are a constant presence in my blessings, wishes, prayers and graces ? Do you know that I share my life and its melody with you even when you think me frigid or desperate as I may appear to you. I will not go on and on. I am just reminding you that I am happy because I have loved you and been loved in return. And this is why I know, there will be a day when everything will be like the old times, even if eons have passed by then.

Wait for me….. I will be waiting too………….

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